Bad Gleichenberg

The Region

Walk hand in hand and discover one of the most beautiful regions in Styria. A place, history-charged and rich in tradition while at the same time modern and futureoriented, and a diversified and smoothly rolling landscape await to be discovered.

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The season in Bad Gleichenberg

The Region Bad Gleichenberg is a place steeped in history. Archaeological traces indicate that human settlement already existed here 6000 years ago. Even the Romans made use of the healing power of the surrounding springs. In 1834 began the story of a spa town that leads up to today.

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Peter Rosegger

The Styrian regional poet Peter Rosegger had already fallen in love with this landscape when he wrote in 1906: “Gleichenberg is a soft sedan entwined by flowers, where one can well indulge for a few weeks in sweet idleness and nonentity.” We would like to follow this invitation.

Since 2012 we boast a new slogan: Region Bad Gleichenberg – the love of my life. It is easy to fall in love with this country, as it has indeed plenty to offer. In the present magazine we try to show you the many different faces of the region. Tradition, health, peace, nature and culinary pleasure reflect the diverse facets of this unique cultural landscape and are included as topics and guideposts in this issue.

We hope you will enjoy visiting Bad Gleichenberg, so that it may become the “love of your life”!

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