The Kurhaus Bad Gleichenberg

The Kurhaus Bad Gleichenberg provides modern recreational and health facilities: The spa area of the thermal resort Bad Gleichenberg offers six different sauna sections. Highly recommended: the herbs and brine sauna and conducted infusions are with 60°C at a pleasant and well tolerated temperature.

Cryotherapy is exceptional among the health-related services offered in Bad Gleichenberg. Guests spend up to 3 minutes in the chamber wearing swimwear (!) at -120°C. This treatment sustainably boosts the immune system. Patients with skin diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, but also respiratory ailments can be alleviated by this icy cold. Athletes also readily use this installation for regenerative purposes after hard physical exercise and long training sessions.

In the treatment centre with the three focal points of respiratory system, skin and musculoskeletal system, a competent team of doctors and therapists takes care of the patients. During the summer special treatments for children with skin and respiratory diseases are offered. The wide range of treatments and medical care is state of the art, banking not only on the curing, but also the prevention of diseases.

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