180 years Bad Gleichenberg

The “Gleichenberger und Johannis-Brunnen Actien Verein” was founded as early as 1834. The cooperation stated in the protocol of the constituent meeting their purpose as follows: “To buy the mineral springs of the Johannis well; to publish the knowledge gained on their curative power, thereby promoting the sales of these mineral waters and to build in the area the necessary realities in order to render possible the treatment and stay for spa guests.”

Count Wickenburg himself bought the first share of the association on July 1, 1834. This date marks the birth of Bad Gleichenberg as a spa town. In the following year the intense construction work started so that the first season was opened in 1837 with 118 guests from the upscale aristocratic society. The count’s connections laid the foundation for visits from almost the entire European aristocracy.

In 1890 already 6000 visitors and entourage came and stayed for the greater part of the season, which at the time lasted from May to September. During this first period of prosperity the reputation of the “Curort Bad Gleichenberg” extended beyond the borders of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

To the present day Gleichenberg – the addition “Bad” was conferred in 1926 – belongs to the most important spa towns of the country.

  • The Park in Bad Gleichenberg
  • Villa Wickenburg in the park
  • Mailandsaal in Bad Gleichenberg