Timeless ...

The spa gardens form the centre of a region that spreads out around the historically grown town of Bad Gleichenberg. The gentle hills, the forests, meadows and gardens are waiting to be discovered and invite you to linger and enjoy the atmosphere. Hectic daily routine will soon be forgotten after taking the first steps in this splendid and colourful landscape. Numerous paths lead to special place cs of peace and tranquillity, places that can give new strength such as the hills of Gleichenberg or the castle hill of Kapfentstein. The “spa of repose” is also such a place. You lose track of time while “bathing in the park”.

Your body floats in the comfortably warm thermal water while your eyes wander about the canopy of leaves of the adjoining park. You can sense how the pace slows down and you have more time for yourself and others.

  • Hiking in Bad Gleichenberg
  • Enjoy the nature
  • Culinaric highlights