Terrain Cures

Terrain cures

In 1885 Professor Oertl already pointed out the relevance of “terrain cures”. These treatments consist of moderate exercise over a longer period of time and regular walks in the fresh air, which is believed to improve cardiac function. A terrain cure strengthens the body, relieves stress and increases vitality. What better place to make such wonderful health experiences than in the hiker’s paradise of Bad Gleichenberg? Numerous hiking paths follow the tracks of volcanoes through the entire region.

Have fun in Bad Gleichenberg

Art and strength trails

The art and strength trails between Bad Gleichenberg and Trautmannsdorf are genuine sources of natural energy, as are the forest adventure path with a Celtic tree circle on the Gleichenberger Kogel and the ant trail around Merkendorf.

The Gleichenberger railway, fondly called “jungle express”, leads through a landscape that is a feast of colours with connections to various hiking trails. In addition, eleven running and Nordic walking trails provide oxygen for the soul.

On the “heart trail” you follow a round of twelve stops full of emotions and fascinating views and insights.

In Trautmannsdorf the heart trail and the art and strength path join together to a form an inspiring stop where you can recuperate before continuing your hike.